Aloxy Pulse

Studio Dott.
5,3 x 4,43 x 9,16
Injection moulding

In the petrochemical industry, safety is the top priority and this is precisely where the ATEX-certified Aloxy Pulse plays a crucial role. The underlying technology is the result of years of intensive research at the University of Antwerp and Imec. Researchers developed a sensor that is extremely energy-efficient and that is able to communicate across a great distance. Aloxy enlisted the services of Studio Dott. to jointly translate the research into a product in line with the market and design appropriate branding. The petrochemical industry needs its plants to be managed safely and efficiently. In practice this means, for example, monitoring the status of various manual valves and taps so that all production processes run smoothly. Until now, this has primarily been done manually, which means that the monitoring process is not always error-free. The Aloxy Pulse can be installed on any manual valve and checks the status of the valve in real time. The process is fully automatic and the live data are sent to the control room. As a result, the monitoring process runs much faster, more efficiently, more safely and is virtually flawless. The measurements performed by the Aloxy Pulse exceed those that can be achieved through human efforts. The sensor produces a digital fingerprint of each valve. This allows it to identify the exact status of the valve, and, for example, indicate that a valve is closed more than 100% due to wear and tear. The sensor also promotes sustainability as it can limit the risk of leaks and production losses in the petrochemical industry. Incidents in this industry can be disastrous for people and the environment. What’s more, the technology is incredibly energy efficient. The new sensor consumes very little energy, which means the battery lasts longer. Since no wiring is needed during installation, a great deal of equipment is also saved.