Concrete (Studio Dott.)
23/50 x 45/60 x 19/30 cm
Plastic (ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and polypropylene)

The two garden reels are the first products from a brand-new Belgian brand that is first and foremost focusing on the market for garden implements.

Reel with garden hose

It is a completely aesthetic redesign of the well-known garden hose with reel: an upgrading of a product to whose design not much attention has been paid up to now.

The internal automatic reel system that was not new to the manufacturer had already proven itself in various applications (domestic and industrial) and was to prove itself again in this product. It was the visual aspect that was redesigned. After an extensive study into the design features, a round basic design was chosen in ABS, which is timeless and also reflects the internal structure. The highly refined details, the pure design features and the totally monochrome colours make this basic design a great eye catcher in the garden or on the patio.

Garden reel, Concrete

A large and smaller version are being launched simultaneously, a garden hose reel of 10 and one of 25 metres. They are available in four different colours and all the different visual components, from the attachment for hanging it up to the spray head, are all made in the same colour: white, black, deep pink or green, which thanks to the addition of UV stabilisers possess a high level of colour fastness.