Alain Gilles
32 x diam. 15 cm (zonnepaneel: 33 x 33 cm)

The most important characteristics of the Nomad is its social and ecological significance combined with a contemporary design.

Solar rechargeable and multifunctional lamp

In fact this lamp was initially designed for families in developing countries who have no access to electricity or find themselves in emergency situations such as natural or humanitarian disasters. In this context the Nomad is a much safer alternative to dangerous kerosene lamps. It is charged by the sun using a solar panel.

But the lamp is more than that. Its design is multifunctional and portable and can be used by anyone who needs light, for example on a patio or in a garden shed or a tent and who appreciates its flexibility, its contemporary design and of course its ecological aspect.

Nomad, O'Sun

The lamp can also be charged using an AC adapter and with a vehicle’s cigar lighter, which means that the lamp’s application is unlimited. It is extremely easy to operate and works for over six hours at full brightness.

The O’Sun solar lamp was also designed to last. The light source uses LED technology because of its long life (12 LEDs) and the lamp is drop and shock-resistant.