Bruno Fattorini & Partners
75 x 155 x 220/1220 cm
Glass fibre, coated steel and polyamide
The Marina series was particularly praised by the Henry van de Velde jury for its efficient functionality and innovative use of materials.

Picnic bench, table and bucket seats

The long table is extremely versatile with lots of different variations in terms of seating so that people in a group can all choose their favourite way of sitting: more dynamically on the benches or leaning back comfortably in the bucket seats of the chairs. This means optimal seating comfort, also for those of us who are a little older, wheelchair users and children.

Marina, Extremis

The picnic table is especially innovative in terms of materials. The design retained its most basic form but was made of pultruded glass fibre profiles, which makes it possible to produce endlessly long tables. Pultruded glass fibre is a strong, durable and contemporary composite that is as pleasant to the touch as wood. However, it is much less sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Thanks to the strength characteristics of the material, this object is also relatively light-weight.

There is almost no limit to the lengths in which this table can be produced - in one single piece. The longest version of this table is 12.2 metres to seat around 40 people. The table could easily have been made twice as long again, but it would then no longer have fitted in a trailer...